Personal Counseling

Sometimes we need to push forward in life despite stress and hardship. We can cope well enough with most problems by drawing upon the rich resources of our faith and the loving support of our family, friends, and pastor.

However, some problems warrant professional assistance. Such issues are more complex and difficult to navigate. Even though we are doing all the right things to move forward, we can grow distant from ourselves and those around us. When feeling stressed turns into feeling disconnected, it is time to seek professional support.

Personal counseling gives you the opportunity to uncover the hidden source of your distress, and to recover a life-giving connection to yourself, to others, and to God.

Marital Therapy

You may be fully committed to your spouse and to your marriage. Yet you may be deeply disturbed by ongoing conflict (or lack thereof) that signals a growing distance between you. 

As the stresses of life cause you to drift further apart, it becomes harder to forgive and forget the little things. Resentment builds. It becomes tempting to simply go through the motions or to get emotional needs met in other ways.

Marital therapy offers practical tools to break harmful patterns, enhance intimacy, reduce negativity during conflict, and renew your commitment to one another.