Help You Can Trust

Marcel Lanahan, LMHC
Video Conference Available

Get professional support from someone who shares your deeply held beliefs. 

If you are looking for a Catholic counselor who loves the Faith as much as you do, you have found me! 

For years, I have helped fellow Catholics find relief from emotional and relational problems that interfere with everyday peace and freedom. 

I have learned from the best in the field, and have helped countless clients turn their stumbling blocks into stepping stones. It is a joy and a privilege. 

Often, people are surprised by their experience in counseling. Why? Because we go straight to the heart of the matter in the first session. 

Your time with me is well spent. Whatever is missing in your life right now, we will find together. Most find it right away. Others take a little more time. 

With the guidance of a skilled Catholic therapist, you can go beyond surface level coping to experience lasting change within

With me, you will NOT receive lectures on philosophy, pressure to buy books, or a sales pitch to enroll in expensive classes I've designed. 

Your needs are unique and personal. We draw on God's grace, evidence-based techniques, and the resources of our Faith as needed, to discover your specific path forward. 




Discover how something as simple as a phone call can restore a sense of hope and peace to your life.